Sitar Jugalbandi

A Unique Duo of India

A Jugalbandi is a performance of Indian Classical Music that features a Duet of two solo musicians. Artistes performing such Jugalbandi venture into a realm of complete exchange of thoughts, feel of the Ragas, the Talas and the Rasas in mutual harmony in the search for reaching the ultimate beauty in Music. They unite them -selves  through the subtle and very very intricate unison of


 the Sur and the Taal in their performance along with the accompaniment of the percussion, resulting in a melodious and divine musical milieu.The audience are also led into a mystical journey to the tune of the artistes which give them immense pleasure and satisfaction. This binds the audience to the music of the performers and makes them more eager to listen to the music and experience its beauty.


Although we find a lot of Jugalbandi among the other instruments or with vocal, Sitar Jugalbandi is indeed a rare one. Pandit Abhishek Adhikary and Dr. Murchana Adhikary Barthakur have performed their Jugalbandi in various Music Sammelans and have earned great eminence. Presently the Jugalbandi couple is devoted in the development and promotion of Indian Classical music not only through performances on stage but also by an association with the university and academia where they conduct workshops and teaches Indian Classical music.


This Sitar Jugalbandi reflects a highly romantic feeling with a divine fragrance of melody. Their specialty is that they both husband and wife are from two different musical approaches, presenting together to make a unique combination of the two. The understanding and the dialogues between the two Sitars create a very clear and amazing effect on the general listeners as well as the Rasikas.

Some Press  Releases:

‘Pure magic of duet’

“ The sitar jugalbandi was performed by Abhishek Adhikary and Murchana Adhikary Borthakur. They were accompanied by Madhurjya Ranjan Borthakur on the tabla.The rendering of raag Behag on sitar by Abhishek and Murchana,...left the gathering completely spellbound.Their presentation showed intense talim and melody well mixed with virtuosity.The sheer beauty of alap,god, taans and tehais,decorated with alankaras mystified the environment...The unique blend of melancholy and romanticism reflected through Behag left an everlasting impression that cannot be effaced.The audience was also moved by the sawal-jawab between the tabla and the sitars.The programme ended with a romantic dhun in Pilu based on Deepchandi of 14 beats.”

The Telegraph Calcutta, India

Friday , June 13 , 2008

Classic mix of old and new

"The programme was organised by India Club and Theatrical Association of Dibrugarh along with Chaolkhowa Music College in the club Auditorium. The tender appeal of the jugalbandi by Abhishek Adhikari and Murchana Adhikari Borthakur on the sitar and sarod recital by eminent exponent Pandit Buddhadeb Dasgupta added to the rich ambience. Abhishek and Murchana enthralled the audience with another fine act where they plunged into raga Emon with abject surrender, embracing only the emotion. All the components of a classical performance were beautifully stitched into a rare perfection by the talented duo. ..."

The Telegraph Calcutta, India

Friday , April 10 , 2009

Winter Music Academy Third Concert

“ ...All of this led to the introduction of guest artists Abhishek and Murchana Adhikary (sitar,India).The group known as the Jugalbandi Duo along with Mr. Essa performed an extensive and truly memorable Raga Bageshwari which stunned the Kabul audience. Finishing this amazing concert, the Jugalbandi Duo were joined by an ANIM violin student; faculty members James Herzog, Derek Beckvold, Norma Ferreira; and guests Ms. Donald and Ms. Nguyen for a lightning quick fusion piece in Raga Bhairavi. "

ANIM , Kabul, Afghanistan

January 2013


A unique creation of music with East and West

Sringar, is a musical band unique of its kind. The band, named as KFC (K- Kabul,          F-Fusion, C- Chaos)  in the beginning,  was formed in the month of January, 2013 in Kabul, Afghanistan. Band's main  artistes are  Abhishek Adhikary (sitar, India), Murchana Adhikary Barthakur (sitar, India), Madhurjya  Barthakur (tabla & Percussion, India) and Jason Noble (clarinet, Australia). Guest artistes like Phellipe a famous Pianist from France, Bob Jordon a renowned drummer  from USA, Singer Subhasish    Bhawal from India, Nilanjan Pathak for Darbuka from India also worked with Sringar.

A very majestic combination of traditional Indian Classical Music with subtle yet melodious improvisations in harmony with Western music is what makes the performances of this band really fascinating. Though the band originated in Kabul, yet its members have left audiences spellbound all over the world with their dynamic playing patterns of the Indian Ragas.

It's a treat for the eyes to watch the band performing on stage with their virtuosic enhancements and rhythmic patterns in the style of playing the instruments which casts a spell of extraordinary musical mesmerism in the mind of audiences. The band also symbolizes the fact that music transcends all frontiers with its universal aesthetic appeal.


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