A unique creation of music with East and West

Sringar, is a musical band unique of its kind. The band, named as KFC (K- Kabul, F-Fusion, C- Chaos) in the beginning, was formed in the month of January, 2013 in Kabul, Afghanistan. Band's main artistes are Abhishek Adhikary (sitar, India), Murchana Adhikary Barthakur (sitar, India), Madhurjya Barthakur (tabla & Percussion, India) and Jason Noble (clarinet, Australia). Guest artistes like Phellipe a famous Pianist from France, Bob Jordon a renowned drummer from USA, Singer Subhasish Bhawal from India, Nilanjan Pathak for Darbuka from India also worked with Sringar.















A very majestic combination of traditional Indian Classical Music with subtle yet melodious improvisations in harmony with Western music is what makes the performances of this band really fascinating. Though the band originated in Kabul, yet its members have left audiences spellbound all over the world with their dynamic playing patterns of the Indian Ragas.


It's a treat for the eyes to watch the band performing on stage with their virtuosic enhancements and rhythmic patterns in the style of playing the instruments which casts a spell of extraordinary musical mesmerism in the mind of audiences. The band also symbolizes the fact that music transcends all frontiers with its universal aesthetic appeal.




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